In addition to our financial and technical assistance programs, the District rents and sells products to assist landowners to do their part in caring for our soil and water resources.

We also maintain a list of contractors who can help when the job requires it.


Custom Blended Seed Mixes: The District is eager to help create custom blended seed mixes, including cover crop mixes, pollinator mixes, honey bee mixes, and other specialty blends to assist with erosion control, pasture/hayland enhancement, and wildlife habitat needs.

Since we do not keep seed at our office, each order is custom blended to meet the desired environmental advantage and the costs will varies, depending on the mix and quantity.

We work directly with NRCS and FSA to assure the seed we order meet program requirements for CRP, EQIP and pollinator programs. We may also be able to provide plans or maps of the acres to be seeded and technical guidance for specific site conditions, including key planting dates and seeding sheets.

Marking Flags: Flags are red and have a 30″ wire stake. $10 per bundle of 100.

Construction Fabric: For lining the ground around water tanks, heavy use areas, etc. to hold gravel in place. Fabric is 15-ft wide. $2.50 per linear foot.



Truax Seed Slinger: For seeding native grass and wildflower stands no greater than one acre. Hand operated unit with adjustable backpack style shoulder strap. $25/day  (This unit is NOT to be used to distribute fertilizer)

Manure Spreader:  $75/day with a 5-day maximum. $25 cleaning fee if returned dirty.

No-Till Drill: The District no longer owns the no-till drill. Mike Douglass is the owner/operator of the drill and is available on contract. See our Contractor List for contact information.


Contractors are available to assits in constructing terraces and waterways, installing pipeline and water tanks, clearing brush, seeding grass and more.

Please download the latest list here or pick one up in our office.